Agile warm-up videos

Some of my friends and colleagues asked where they can find useful resources for grasping the importance and usefulness of agile development. I found the following videos very determined in the first round to the theme:

Title: Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great!
Speaker: Esther Derby and Diana Larsen
Title: Agile Development Teams: Scope and Scale
Speaker: Mike Cohn
Title: Agile Estimating with Planning Poker
Title: Bay XP Meeting Part 1: Agile Estimation
Speaker: Mike Cohn
Title: Bay XP Meeting Part 2: Agile Estimation
Speaker: Mike Cohn
Title: How To Plan Projects With Distributed Teams
Speaker: Hubert Smits
Title: The role of leadership in software development
Speaker: Mary Poppendieck
Title: The Road from Project Manager to Agile Coach
Title: Managing your Scrum Product Backlog in a simple Excel
Title: Agile User Experience
Speaker: Declan Whelan